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e liquid is the oil flavor that you put into an electronic cigarette which gives it a combination of its nicotine, its flavor and its vapor. The main ingredients in E-liquid are propylene glycol, vegetable glycerol, Nicotine (we also have zero nicotine for non smokers) and flavorings. Our flavored oil comes in a 10ml small bottle.

When choosing your e liquid strength you should think about your own smoking habits. You might be a light smoker, in which we would recommend 0% nicotine in your e liquid. Although for the smokers out there you may wish to opt for one of our flavors with either 6mg 12mg 18 mg and 24mg of nicotine. Please note our nicotine based oils contain no tar.
Therefore, when making your purchase of e liquids please bear in mind the strength of the nicotine that is contained within. Therefore when considering which e liquid strength to purchase you should also consider your personal preferences for smoking.

You should think about how much and how often you smoke because if you don’t smoke very frequently, then you might prefer a stronger e-liquid strength to give you less frequent boosts of nicotine levels during the course of the day. Others may like to vary their nicotine levels depending on the time of day or their frame of mind.

E liquid are available is different nicotine strength. The amount of nicotine contained can be chosen by the user, with some choosing no nicotine to 0mg (non nicotine) to 6mg 12mg 18mg 24mg of nicotine.

Warning: nicotine is an addictive substance, if you do not smoke already we urge you not to start taking nicotine products.

E-Liquid is produced in the UK that complies to strict laws and regulations. We supply quality controlled and tested E-Liquids that meet the highest standards of safety required in the UK.

Our goal is to provide our clients with only the highest in quality products British made E-Liquid that meet the best standards of the e-liquid industry. All our products are in accordance with trading standards; they have been made and tested in UK laboratories by professionals and have child safety caps, that complies to UK trading standards.

Please note: Some e liquid products are manufactured at home by non-professionals, and some come from overseas that have not passed safety tests, laws and regulations. Please be weary of such products and stay away from these as the ingredients used in these oils can contain various contaminants and cannot be guaranteed to contain what is stated on the label.